Music and Anagrams in Problem Solving

Solving problems can be done in many ways by many people with the success depending on many different factors. Among the biggest of these factors is the force that played a role in influencing the choices made to reach the targeted outcome. For a lot of people, listening to music is a great way to stimulate the mind and the same goes for solving anagrams. However, what if you mix the two?

Generally speaking, there is no rule that says you can’t blend both music and anagram in order to get the juices in the old grey matter flowing, but how many problem solvers can actually claim that they do this? The reason for why this particular practice might be a good idea revolves around the simple point that listening to music helps release happy hormones in the brain while playing with anagrams is basically exercise for the mind.

Problem Solving

Solving a problem requires a few things to work in conjunction but it also goes through a process that allows for an efficient achievement of the goals. To solve a problem, one would first need to identify the issue, analyse it from every angle, and then go through different known scenarios that incorporate elements that you would already know. If not, you then do a little research to get the require information.

From there, it’s just a matter of making a choice of which solution is the best and then applying it. For this to happen though, you need to have a good sense of observation, analysis, lateral thinking, store of knowledge, and imagination. These can be stimulated by both music and through anagrams.

Music for Problem Solving

There have been a lot of research pertaining to how music helps people focus or come up with brilliant solutions seemingly out of nowhere. This phenomenon has been well documented even though research has yet to come to a solid conclusion as to why. All anyone knows is that it happens by making the brain less strained and more fluid.

Anagrams for Problem Solving

If music essentially makes the mind more pliable, anagrams then are the exercises that you do in order to warm up your neurons. Crossword puzzles and the like work too since the basic concept is the same. You are giving your brain a workout so that you can use it to its fullest potential just like you would do with your body.

Fusing Both Concepts

With those points above highlighted, we can then come to the reason why blending music while doing anagrams or crossword puzzles is such a terrific idea. While the brain is being massaged by the music, anagrams works it out. The whole cycle then goes on until an idea of how you can solve problems is reached.

Now, is this a guaranteed method that will help you solve virtually every problem you are going to come across? Of course not. However, it will allow you to have the highest potential to actually do so and that’s enough.